Long-term effects of early-life exposure to tropical cyclones
Lin Youhong, Liu Feng, Xu Peng
China Economic Review Volume 69, October 2021, 101662
2600 20220223 (published) Views:18306
This study evaluates the long-run effects of early-life exposure to tropical cyclones on the socioeconomic performance of individuals in China. We identify significantly negative effects of gestational typhoon exposure on the educational attainment and annual income in adulthood, which also exhibit a significant gender inequality favoring the male. Despite the small culling effects from pregnancy failure and infant mortality, gestational typhoon exposures increase the probability of having a younger sibling and shorten the subsequent birth interval. Typhoon damage to the health and economic abilities of adults, as well as the local economy indicates a channel of household economic status for the reduced long-run socioeconomic outcomes.
Keywords: Early-life shocks; Fetal origin hypothesis; Gender inequality; Sibling rivalry; China

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