Race-Specific Urban Wage Premia and the Black-White Wage Gap
Elizabeth Ananat, Shihe Fu, Stephen L. Ross
Journal of Urban Economics 2018, Vol108,141-153
2389 20181115 (Published) Views:28162
We establish a novel empirical fact about the black-white wage gap: looking both across and within metropolitan areas, increasing city size or employment density is associated with a larger black-white wage gap. The estimated effects represent between 9 and 18 percent of recent estimates of the black-white wage gap. Using a variety of techniques, we demonstrate that our within-city relationship is unlikely to be driven by racial differences in unobserved ability. Finally, we present evidence suggestive of a role for race-specific networks in explaining these differences in the black-white wage gap.
JEL-Codes: J15; J24; J31; R23; R32
Keywords: Black-White Wage Gap; Agglomeration Economies; Urban Wage Premium; Employment Density; Information Networks; Racial Inequality

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