Characteristic function based testing for conditional independence: a nonparametric regression approach
Xia Wang, Yongmiao Hong
Econometric Theory 2017, 1-35
2371 20180129 (published) Views:27426
We propose a characteristic function based test for conditional independence, applicable to both cross-sectional and time series data. We also derive a class of derivative tests, which deliver model-free tests for such important hypotheses as omitted variables, Granger causality in various moments and conditional uncorrelatedness. The proposed tests have a convenient asymptotic null N(0,1) distribution, and are asymptotically locally more powerful than a variety of related smoothed nonparametric tests in the literature. Unlike other smoothed nonparametric tests for conditional independence, we allow nonparametric estimators for both conditional joint and marginal characteristic functions to jointly determine the asymptotic distributions of the test statistics. Monte Carlo studies demonstrate excellent power of the tests against various alternatives. In an application to testing Granger causality, we document the existence of nonlinear relationships between money and output, which are missed by some existing tests.

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